Property Management:
As of 2015, Rencor manages 735,000 square feet of commercial real estate. 

Using our experience as a real estate developer/investor, we focus on listing commercial properties, and only suggest capital expenditures for value-add improvements, that will attract tenants and increase internal rate of return long term. 

With over a quarter-million square feet of: medical, office, and flex space in their development portfolio, Rencor has carved a niche in the development of commercial space across Arizona. Creating unique commercial developments, in terrific locations, surrounded by solid demographics, has been the company’s focus since its inception in 2001. Rencor’s commitment to quality has helped cultivate their reputation within the development community, and can be confirmed by the occupants in each of their properties.

An essential part of Rencor’s success is its understanding of the ever changing needs of medical and office users. Rencor’s ability to tailor the design of their developments to suit the needs of their users has set them apart.